What to bring to uni

University of Leeds
3 min readAug 9, 2021


You’ve got results and you’re now beginning to think about what to bring to Leeds. We’re not going to tell you every single thing to bring as everyone is different, but here’s some top tips to get you started.

Note, we’ve also written a guide for packing if you’re an international student too!

Things to consider before you start packing

  • You’ve got to be able to carry and move it!
  • Prioritise things you’ll need for the first few days and weeks.
  • You can get most things in Leeds — it’s a great city for shopping, and has everything from kitchen utensils, food from all over the world to cheap homewares to decorate your room.
  • Autumn in Leeds can be lovely and warm, or freezing! Make sure you’ve got a warm coat (and maybe an umbrella).
A warm sunny autumn day on campus

What shall I pack?

Essential documents. These are worth getting sorted well before you leave home so you’ve got plenty of time to get things together.

Some of the things you’ll need to bring will depend on where you’re going to live in Leeds.

  • If you’re going to live in University accommodation, you can find out what’s already in your flat so you don’t end up bringing things you don’t need to.
  • If you’re staying in private accommodation and you have details of your flatmates, get in touch and agree who’s bringing what beforehand. No-one needs six kettles.

Here’s the ultimate packing checklist on what to pack — you might not need everything on it!

Remember, you’ve got to be able to move all of your belongings when you arrive

How to turn good packing into great packing

Missing home is something that happens to us all. It’s a normal part of moving away, often for the first time. Make sure you pack things that will help you turn your new room into a safe and welcoming space. You might want to bring:

  • Pictures and photos of friends and family (and pets!) Print them off now before you arrive.
  • Things that remind you of home — posters, teddies, cards and your bedside clock can all make your new room feel like it’s yours.
  • Plants — if you’re travelling from within the UK, then your houseplants can be brought with you. If you’re coming to Leeds from abroad, you’ll pick up some houseplants from shops or even from a plant sale on campus, often for about £5.
Posters and plants can make your new room seem like home
  • Skills and instructions. If someone in your family makes an amazing meal, or you’ve been developing those essential life skills before moving away from home (using a washing machine anyone?) and you’ve got some recipes or instructions, then make sure you’ve got them with you.
  • A battery pack and phone cable. Your phone is probably your most important and useful possession, right? Having a battery pack and cable that you can slip into a pocket or bag when you’re out and about will mean you’ll always be able to keep in touch, find your way round and hopefully take some amazing pics!