What to bring to Leeds if you’re an international student

As an international student, Wing Yan Lui (Cheryl), a Fashion Marketing (Industry) 2021 graduate understands how stressful it can be to move to a foreign country or somewhere completely new. She continues:

“Therefore I want to give you some tips based on my own experience. Hopefully, they can help you to have an easier packing and moving process.”

Do need

Keep your important documents safe where you can easily get to them

The following items are warm clothes. As Leeds is in the north of the UK, it is already cold in September and October. A coat is what you need when you arrive.

Autumn can be cold. Make sure you have a warm coat.

Thirdly are sentimental items. It is good to bring something that reminds you of home. I brought my childhood dolls when I first came to Leeds in my first year and family photos. It is an excellent way to make you feel less homesick if you think you are going to.

Photographs of friends and family, posters, a teddy can all make your room feel like home

Last but not least, you need your essential electronics, including phones, laptops, tablets, headphones, etc. They are handy for online study nowadays, or if you want to study in the library.

Don’t forget to bring your laptop and phone charger

Of course, I mentioned above are just some of the most important items and based on my own experience. So always remember to double-check on what you need and adjust your packing list accordingly.

Don’t need

You most likely also don’t need to bring stationery from your home countries like notebooks, pens, and pencils. One simple reason is that you can easily buy them in Leeds. Especially from September to October, with students arriving and moving into their uni accommodations, many deals, essential sets, and student discounts are available in many shops. This way, you can save some space for your luggage and have fewer items when moving in.

Tips for moving in to your accommodation

Arriving in Leeds

When you move into your accommodation, try not to do it in a big group. There will be other students moving in as well. To avoid clashes and move around more accessible, a small group is the way to go. Also, remember there are only a limited number of lifts available in most accommodations, so they might take some time when using.

If you need help and are confused about the whole moving process, just ask. There are usually student ambassadors available around the university during the move-in period. They can help you to sort things out.



  • Warm clothes
  • Sentimental item(s)
  • Essential electronics


  • Most essential products (i.e., bedding, kitchen utensils, bathroom products, etc.)
  • Stationery

Leeds has everything you need, so don’t worry when you forget to bring something.

Travel safely — we can’t wait to welcome you to Leeds!

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