Loved ones worrying about you starting your uni life at Leeds? Share these nine tips to squash their stress

University of Leeds
4 min readSep 7, 2023


Your journey at Leeds is about to begin and there’s so much to look forward to. If you or your family are feeling a bit nervous about your new adventure, here’s nine things you can share to put their worries at ease. Encourage your loved ones to bookmark this page to come back to later.

1. Embrace the Adventure

Let your loved ones know that while starting university is a big step, it’s entirely normal for them and you to feel a mix of emotions. Assure them that you will embrace the adventure ahead and that everyone goes through a period of adjustment. You have a supportive community at Leeds to help you navigate this transition. Remind them that you are only ever a phone call away and if you are feeling homesick.

2. Connect with Support Services

One of the biggest worries loved ones have is knowing you’ll be safe at Leeds. There are plenty of resources and support to share with them to ease their fears, including the SafeZone app, 24/7 campus security, the LUU’s support service, the harassment and misconduct service, and the student information service.

3. Making Friends

If your loved ones are worried about you making friends, tell them about all the different ways you can connect with people at Leeds. Beside meeting people on your course and in your halls, there’s also more than 300 clubs and societies to choose from, and the University Buddy Scheme where you can be matched up with other students who have similar interests.

4. Nurture Your Faith and Wellbeing

If faith or wellbeing are important to you, reassure your family that the university accommodates various beliefs and will support you during your time at Leeds. Places of worship, faith-based societies, chaplaincy and counselling services are available to help you find a sense of belonging and take care of your wellbeing. We also have helpful tips and resources on how to maintain your mental health at uni.

5. Global Connections

For our international students, we understand that moving to a new country may be a bit overwhelming. The University of Leeds is home to a vibrant global community, and special support services are available for your unique needs. You can read about other international students’ experiences of moving and settling into life at Leeds and there is also a handy checklist you may want to show your loved ones to help you prepare for your arrival.

6. Making the Most out of Halls

Being in University halls is an experience like none other, but for many students is also the first time they’ve lived away from home. If that’s you, have a browse through the Residence Life website and be sure to share it with your loved ones. Residence Life can answer various questions you may have — such as how to do your laundry, what to pack, how to settle into your new home and so much more! So, tell your loved ones not to fret about your dirty laundry mounting up or accidentally dying all your clothes pink — you’ve got it under control.

7. Academic Success

If your loved ones are keen to see you succeed academically, we’ve got you covered. There’s plenty of academic support at Leeds you can tell them about, including your own academic personal tutor, support for everything from writing essays to referencing through Skills@Library, and more. If you do need support with any physical or mental health conditions, it is so important to register with disability services as they are friendly, helpful and provide a range of services and support for students with a variety of needs.

8. Managing Your Finances

Managing money can be really stressful — for both you and your family. The university offers resources and guidance on managing your finances. There are also opportunities for extra funding through bursaries and scholarships and there are plenty of part-time jobs around Leeds or the University to support yourself financially during your studies. Make sure to check out Joblink and Jobs at the Union for recent vacancies.

9. Tailored Support for All

Our students come from a range of different backgrounds, and we will accommodate and support you whatever your circumstances may be. For instance, if you are a mature student, estranged student or plan on commuting to University we have support available for you to have a smooth transition into university life too.

Starting university is a significant milestone, and we’re here to reassure you and your loved ones that you’re on the right track. Embrace the challenges and cherish the victories — your time at the University of Leeds will be an unforgettable chapter in your life.