Top four things to do if you’re leaving Leeds this holiday (and one if you’re not)

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4 min readDec 4, 2020

The end of term is almost here — how did that happen? Sometimes it can feel a real rush, so we’ve put together a checklist for you to help you prepare like a pro this holiday.

Get a free test on campus — and give yourself peace of mind if you’re traveling

1. Get your studies up to date

For many of you, assessments will be something you’ll be preparing for. Make sure you’ve got everything you need when you travel for the holidays — there’s nothing worse than realising your laptop charger or that crucial library book is still in your room!

Talking of books —have you got the right books for the holiday? Here’s the library website so you can plan to get them.

Any deadlines before the holidays? Assignments that need finishing are really important, and you know if you’re travelling to see family and friends over the holidays, you’ll be pleased everything is ticked off your list before you go.

Have you planned ahead for working away from Leeds?

2. Tidy up your room/house — take with you what you don’t need and donate unwanted food

This is the perfect time to evaluate what you’ve got here in Leeds. Is there anything that you don’t need here? In the summer when you move out of your room or your house, it’s all going to have to be packed away and moved. Why not plan this now; the future you will be eternally grateful you’re not having to get rid of a Christmas tree or old study notes next June!


Foodbanks in the local area have had another difficult year. We’ve put together a list of places you can donate your unwanted food and help those who may need it.

Read more about foodbanks in Leeds.

You could always make some money by selling your unwanted textbooks, clothes, electricals and media and get some extra cash. Check out Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace. Also, don’t forget the current students Facebook group!

Additionally, cleaning, emptying the fridge and taking the bins out will make it all the nicer for when you get back.

Taking things home now will mean you’ll have much less to get rid of at the end of the year

3. Keep in touch with your friends if you’re away

It’s been a difficult year for lots of people, and some of your friends might not be looking forward to the holiday. Sometimes this time of year can be difficult for lots of reasons.

Make sure you’ve got contact details and be a lovely friend to people. A nice message or a quick call might make someone’s day. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with your friends too — speaking often make a big difference.

If you’re worried about how your mental health will be while you’re away, make a plan for support now. Get contact details, support numbers and websites, and a plan so you can avoid triggers and manage how you’re feeling. Even a list of activities to do, places to walk to or people to speak to can make a big difference.

Support and Wellbeing — University of Leeds For students website

NHS 5 steps to wellbeing

Be aware of your friends and how they’re feeling. Have you got their contact details?

4. Keep your student house safe when you’re away

Don’t let your house become a target while you’re away. There’s a few simple things to do:

  • Take your valuables with you — you’ll probably need most of them anyway!
  • Don’t leave expensive items in view of windows. Hide things away if you’re worried
  • Think about investing in a light timer — this turns lights on and off and gives the impression someone is in the house.
  • Lock any windows if you can. If they don’t shut properly or there’s any problem with door locks, get in touch with your landlord immediately.
  • Make sure the last person to leave knows what the plan is.

Find out more top tips about keeping your property safe.

How safe is your house when you’re away? Take expensive items and lock all windows and doors

In Leeds over the break?

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It won’t be long before we’ll be back after the holidays. Keep an eye on your emails regularly, particularly if you’ve left Leeds over the holidays and are returning.

Have a great Christmas if you’re celebrating, and with best wishes for a safe, prosperous and positive 2023.

We can’t wait to see you again.