Six perfect places for your Summer Graduation pic

University of Leeds
4 min readJun 10, 2024


Your graduation day can be jam-packed with getting to campus early, finding your gown, and making sure there’s time to celebrate. You might not have time to think about where you can get the best Graduation snaps.

Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of the perfect festive photo ops on campus to help you capture your day in style.

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  1. Clothworkers’ Court Archway

Always the most popular place to take photos, the Clothworkers’ archway is the perfect setting for your pic. The red brick and gold inlaid letters provide a great place for individual photos or group pictures with your friends and family.

Our top tip: Avoid the queues! Go before your ceremony or head over when the next ceremony is taking place.

The archway of the Clothworkers South building stands on a sunny day. The brown and red brick is convered slighlty by ivy on the right side.

What3Words: ///moves.trial.blues

2. Beech Grove Plaza

You’ve known it as the Wavy Bacon or the wiggly statue, however, the Sign for Art statue is the classic graduation photo spot. This sunny spot gives you the perfect peek of the Great Hall in the background.

Our top tip: Don’t be shy! The Plaza is big enough for lots of people to take their photo at one time.

The plaza is shaded by large green trees on an otherwise sunny day. The sign for art statue consists of two large, separate wavy lines, made of thick black metal.

What3Words: ///track.jumps.cope

3. The Great Hall

Whilst getting snaps across campus is important, don’t forget to get one outside the very place where you’ll be graduating! A friends and family photo favourite, this iconic building is a part of the original Leeds College buildings and just like you, it has come a long way since its beginnings at Leeds.

Our top tip: it’ll always be busy here. If you’re graduating on your own and looking for someone to take your photo, this is a great place to find a friendly face.

Graduates and their family gather outside of the Great Hall following a ceremony. The Great Hall stands in the background, with the large arch window reflecting the sun.

What3Words: ///spared.clues.avoid

4. Leeds University Union

A place where you probably spent time going to activities, grabbing coffee and rummaging around for the best meal deal, surely the Union deserves a final send off, too.

Our top tip: After you’ve got your gown, grab a snap by Leeds Alumni’s flower wall and embrace being Forever Leeds!

The sun is setting on the Leeds University Union building. Multicolour flags on string hang above the walkway.

Outside LUU What3Words: ///props.curving.putty

5. Parkinson Steps

Look back on all the Bakery 164 sandwiches you’ve eaten and snap your pic at the most iconic building on campus. For decades, students have been donning their graduation gowns and taking a last walk up the steps of the Parkinson building to celebrate all they have achieved at Leeds.

Our top tips: if it’s raining on your big day, the inside of the Parkinson Building makes for a stunning back drop for your photos.

Three friends sit on the iconic white limestone parkinson steps, chatting, laughing, and drinking coffee.

What3Words: ///junior.zoom.trick

6. Outside your School/Faculty

You probably didn’t think about taking a snap outside your school, did you? Well, just in case you haven’t, we added it to our list. Go back one last time to honour all those long hours spent finding your way around or finishing that last assignment.

Our top tip: remember how nervous you were on your first day? Look at you now, we’re so proud of you.

A bright summers day at the school of music, which features a tall tower made of red bright and green stone.

However and wherever you celebrate your graduation, have a wonderful day and remember that a part of your story will be forever Leeds.