Navigating the Student Union

University of Leeds
3 min readOct 10, 2022


The University of Leeds student union (LUU) is a wonderful place full of many, many different spots and, in light of its new makeover, I am going to tell you all you need to know about the place that is at the heart of campus.

Leeds University Union building

LUU is home to many great study spaces! Chairs and desks to study can be found in the main foyer, There are also places being available in the few cafes and pubs dotted around the building.

The Refectory is the staff and student canteen, which has food available to buy all day. Above The Refectory is The Balcony which has a little cafe where you can purchase snacks and drinks. It also a home for many comfy study spaces, perfect if you want to study and chat with a friend over a coffee. The same goes for Common Ground, which is a cool cafe located on the floor below the foyer.

Old Bar and Terrace are the LUU’s hot spots! In the daytime, they are usually open and you can grab a bite to eat, as well as study there if you wish. In the evenings, they are the place to be! Old Bar is perfect if you are looking for a chill pub night and the Terrace serves great cocktails and has a nice (of course) terrace area to have a drink out in the fresh autumn air.

Maybe after your Old Bar or Terrace evening, you might be feeling up for a club night! Well, you won’t have far to go because the LUU hosts club events multiple nights a week! If you are looking for a themed night, or you love your cringey classics, Lollipop Wednesdays are for you! If you are more of an RnB type of person, then Flava Thursdays are a must. And, last but certainly not least, is Fruity Fridays — the ultimate student night out! Nights out in LUU are perfect if you’re not wanting to venture into town and they are probably a lot more student friendly in terms of finances and safety.

Night out at LUU

If you are looking for some hangover cure the day after enjoying a night out in LUU, there are many places to grab something to eat. An obvious choice is Co-Op, but Cooplands, Humpit, Pearls Bubble Tea, Scream and Waki Maki all provide the range you need for your post night out food choices.

Co-op in the LUU

While you’re grabbing a bite in LUU, you may as well explore the many shops there, too! Grab your Uni of Leeds merch from Gear or your stationary from the Union Shop. If you need to, you can also send and collect parcels from there. And, if for any reason, you need cash, cashpoints are available in the Union.

There are also some miscellaneous places in LUU. For example, if you need an eye appointment, Bayfields opticians has got you! JobLink also has appointments available if you need a hand finding a job. Also, keep an eye out on upcoming events by visiting the LUU website, as the Riley Smith Theatre and the Pyramid Theatre regularly hold exciting events!

The green space outside the Pyramid Theatre

As you will see, LUU is a wonderful place that has everything you may need! Don’t be afraid to go and explore yourself!

Written by Holly Phillips