Discover the historic pubs near Uni

On and near campus

There’s lots of places to visit near campus, including The Eldon, The Library and slightly further away — the wonderful and traditional Chemic Tavern.

Old Bar

Old Bar has been serving students real ale since 1939! Located downstairs in the Union it is the perfect local situated right on campus. There is a weekly pub quiz every Thursday from 8pm, a large pool table to challenge friends or practice your skills, screening of popular sports matches and live music on Sundays from 8pm.

Inside the Old Bar

The Packhorse

The Packhorse is located opposite the engineering buildings and is one of the oldest pubs in Leeds estimated to date back to around 1615 where it was known as the Nag’s Head — it wasn’t until 1982 that it was re-named The Packhorse! Understandably, this longstanding pub makes it an extremely popular one with the locals! The Packhorse even contains an iron Templar Cross nailed to the gable end of the pub reported to be one of only few left in the world!

Opposite the Civil Engineering building, is the Pack Horse

The Fenton

The Fenton is a popular, traditional pub with locals, students, researchers and staff from the University with many of the original fittings and fixtures still in place. With guest beers from small or micro-breweries in Yorkshire to hosting local bands and life drawing classes — The Fenton is a fantastic pub to visit. Winner of Leeds CAMRA Cider Pub of the Year every year since 2016 with its four cellar cooled ciders and five real ales available there is lots of choice available!

The Fenton, likely to have first been licensed as a public house in the 1850s

The Dry Dock

You’ve probably driven past the Dry Dock multiple times on your way up the University campus as it’s definitely not something you miss! The Dry Dock Pub is an old boat which once worked in the River Aire as a sand and gravel barge. In 1993 it was taken out of Clarence Dock and to its new home on a patch of grass along Woodhouse Lane.

Former sand and gravel barge, The Lambda, now the Dry Dock pub

Hyde Park

There’s not that many pubs in Hyde Park , however, worth a notable mention is the Brudenell Social Club, centre-piece of live music in Leeds and an accessible and diverse community hub, formed back in 1913. Not exclusively a pub, but we can’t ignore it can we?!

Hyde Park Pub

The Hyde Park Pub is one of the popular pubs within Hyde Park due to its central location to most University accommodations as well as the student living area of Hyde Park.

Hyde Park pub, Hyde Park

Royal Park Pub

Located in the heart of the student village ‘Hyde Park’ Royal Park Pub is anything but just a pub! The pub’s cellar is home to Hyde Park’s very own underground music venue hosting regular gigs and performances — The Clash even played here in 1985!

The Royal Park, Hyde Park


Headlingley has many additional pubs not mentioned below, from Head of Steam, Arcadia, Woodies, and the newest one — the Golden Beam, plus many more.

The Headingley Taps

The Headingley Taps has quite a quirky exterior with an architectural style similar to a Victorian school building. Built in 1879 it has since swapped its water pumping pipes for beer taps due to it being formerly known as the local water pumping station.

Headingley Taps is a former water pumping station

The Skyrack

The Skyrack is a pub of ‘two halves’ due to its recent refurbishment and extension. In one half you’ll find a more traditional pub setting and the other a bright and modern interior. This makes the pub suited to quite literally anyone with a quieter and cosier feel in the original side of the pub and a livelier atmosphere on the other side. There are two snooker tables located in the Skyrack making it a perfect place to sharpen up on your skills, challenge the locals or determine who’s the best out of the students!

The Skyrack

The Original Oak

The Original Oak might be a student’s favourite mainly due to its HUGE garden! Named after a Shire Oak tree, the meeting place for settling government issues, which sadly collapsed in 1941 during the middle of World War II. A faded plaque next to the Original Oak marks its place and a new oak tree has since been planted to maintain tradition.

The Original Oak


Whether you’re meeting friends, finding a quiet place to study or having some food, there’s most likely to be a pub that matches your taste! Pubs serve hot drinks and have a huge range of soft drinks and low/zero alcohol options, and many have a range of mocktails, so you don’t have to drink to enjoy them.



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