Cinemas in Leeds

University of Leeds
4 min readAug 12, 2021


Holly Phillips, Law LLB, Year 1

When you are at university, it might be difficult to think of activities to do with your friends, family, or anyone who comes to visit. The cinema is always a perfect option for any ages… here are a few of the best options in Leeds.

The Vue is a very student friendly cinema with prices of just £6.99 a ticket!

Everyman Cinema

You will probably find the Everyman Cinema in a few places dotted around the UK and, luckily, you will find one in Leeds. Based in the famous Trinity centre, it is in the centre of Leeds and easily accessible to all students!

This one is a little bit more boujee, with prices being a little bit higher. However, you are definitely getting what you are paying for, as the whole experience is a dream cinema experience. The chairs are immaculately comfy, the customer service is incredible and they provide a range of amazing food options, making it one of the best cinema experiences. If you sign up on the website, you can even get a free pizza (being a student has its perks!)

It would be the perfect place to take your parents if they come to visit or even go with your friends. You will not be disappointed!

The Vue

The Vue is a very student friendly cinema with prices of just £6.99 a ticket! The perfect cinema that will fit in with your student budget. The Vue is a more basic version of the Everyman cinema and would make a really decent, inexpensive activity for anytime of the week.

It is super up to date with showings and there are a couple venues in Leeds, meaning there are more showings so you won’t miss out! There is a Vue in The Light, right at the heart of the city centre (with loads of restaurants surrounding it (if you get a little bit hungry after watching a movie) and there is one in Kirkstall.

Hyde Park Picture House

Hyde Park Picture House is your ‘friendly, local independent cinema’ and is based at different locations all around Leeds such as Heart Centre, Left Bank Leeds, City Varieties Music Hall and even the university’s very own Leeds University Union.

It specialises in showing a range of smaller movies, which you might not have heard of, but that you are guaranteed to enjoy. With multiple different viewings on most days, you are more than likely to find a movie that you and your friends will thoroughly enjoy.

As Hyde Park Picture House events are very popular among students, the prices are student friendly, varying from £7.50 to £9.50. If you become a member, you can even get tickets for only £5!

Check out their website to find some showings that will best suit you.

Where it is: 73 Brudenell Rd, Leeds, LS6 1JD

Cottage Road

Cottage Road cinema is one of the longest standing independent cinemas in Leeds that has been showing films since 1912. It also used to be known as The Headingley Picture House. The quirky cinema is based in Headingley and is therefore very appealing to Leeds students.

It is very accessible to students with ticket prices of £6 before 5pm and only £7 after 5pm. It may only offer a small variety of movies to see, however, it offers a wide range of viewings.

If you are a Headingley based student, get yourself down to Cottage Road.

Luna Cinema

Luna cinema is the UK’s number one open air theatre and one of their most popular locations is in Harewood House in Leeds. The Luna cinema visits venues all over the UK and has options of a drive-in cinema or open air cinema. Harewood House is a beautiful destination, not far from Leeds city centre. Visiting will require you to find your own way via car, bus or uber.

I was lucky enough to experience the drive in cinema at Harewood House to watch my all time favourite movie Pretty Woman and I can wholeheartedly say that it was incredible… 11/10!!!! I booked to go in the evening and, luckily, got to see the sun set behind the big screen.

It is a bit more pricey if you opt for the drive-in experience, of course, as you are paying for parking spaces at the venue, however, it is completely worth it. Just taking a picnic blanket and chill with friends on a summer evening, perfect! There are a range of movie options but mostly the good old classics like Dirty Dancing, Top Gun or Notting Hill.

It is a great place to take your parents, go with friends or even take a date (how romantic!) Just make sure you book in advance as the Luna cinema only comes to Leeds for a few days a year.

Going to the cinema is a perfect activity to do with friends or family. It’s a perfect, chilled way to stay social and now you have loads of choices. Enjoy!