Am I good enough? Dealing with imposter syndrome at University.

University of Leeds
3 min readFeb 11, 2022


We all have worries about University life— are we keeping up with our studies, have we done enough work? Is University right for me? It’s easy during these times to compare ourselves with others and feel that we’re not being the best version of ourselves.

If this is all feeling a bit familiar, here’s some things to do to get answers, help and advice.

Speak to your school

If you are finding studying difficult, then speak to your school right now!

They will know specific arrangements about your course. Lectures are only one part of study, and lots of courses offer more, for instance seminars and study groups, and often may have more informal arrangements, such as coffee mornings and shared study spaces in the school for group work. These shared study spaces are also available in the libraries and across the different buildings on campus. Find out about study spaces.

Right across campus, you’ll find spaces to study — from larger places like this, to small seminar rooms

Not actually sure where everything is yet?

Don’t feel embarrassed if you can’t find your way around yet — the campus is huge! Here’s a map of our rooms and buildings to help find what you need.

At nearly 100 acres, it’s OK not to know where everything is, whatever year you’re in.

Academic Personal Tutor

Everyone at the University has an academic personal tutor — these academic staff provide support, both academic and pastoral care, and we strongly advise to a chat with your personal tutor. They’ll be able to put your mind at ease regarding academic progress and listen to any concerns and perhaps be able to make adjustments within the school.

The more the academic staff are aware of how students are feeling, the more they are able to input into decisions and plans moving forward.

Find out more about your academic personal tutor.

Improve your academic skills

If there are specific academic skills you’re finding difficult, then we recommend looking at the resources provided by Skills@library. The team provides a whole range of different academic support workshops, ranging from assessment and revision skills, all the way to research and referencing. All the sessions they offer are free. Trouble with your diss? They would also reassure you too!

Find out more about skills@library

The library provides a whole range of skills to make sure you’re able to succeed as a student, whatever year you’re in.

Use your personal data to reassure yourself

Want to see how you’ve used university digital systems over time, to help empower you to take control of your learning in a meaningful way? You can now do so by accessing the University’s Learning Analytics system — StREAM@Leeds. To help get you started with StREAM@Leeds, visit the Digital Education Systems help site, or check out one of the videos to see how to get the most out of this new system.

I just want to speak someone…

Got questions, or need further help and support? Leeds University Union (LUU) Help and Support provides a drop-in service where you can speak to someone who could help, signpost to individuals or other resources. If you search for what’s on your mind, you’ll find really useful articles on everything from money and housing to crime and employability.

Additionally, the Help and Support service also can provide listening services, as well as talk about the Counselling and Wellbeing offer that is available to all students, if appropriate.

There’s always something you can do to help you find your way forward.

We’re here to help

Reach out, speak to people and ask for support. We want you to flourish as a student at Leeds.

Got a question or need support? Get in touch with the friendly team in the Student Information Service (SIS). You can call them, email them, or visit them at one of five Student Information Points on campus.