Everything you need to know for a smooth IT setup

Before you arrive

  • Did you know you can set up your username and password long before you get to campus? You can get it set up as soon as you get your student ID number from us.
  • Once you’ve got your username set up, it’s worth taking a little time to set up Duo. It’s what we use for two-factor authentication — just like you’d use for your bank, Google account, and other things like that — so it’ll help protect your account and is important for getting into certain University systems.
  • You also don’t need to go and buy a subscription to Microsoft 365 or other office software! As a student, you can download up to five copies of Microsoft’s office tools onto different devices for free!
  • It might be handy to download some of our apps. Safezone is a useful way to call for help — be it first aid or mental health incident, or an emergency. The UniLeeds app will give you access to things like your timetable, the Library catalogue, laundry availability in residencies and sports bookings. It even has a campus map, which brings us to…

As you arrive

  • If you’re in halls this year, there would have been a handout in your room when you arrived. You’ll want to hang on to it as it’ll tell you how to get online in halls. You can find the details online, but believe us — the physical copy comes in really handy if you exchange your old phone or computer to get a new one!
  • Speaking of phones, you can connect to wifi when you’re out and about on campus. The network is called eduroam, and you can use it in a bunch of different universities around the world, too.

Settling in

  • Caught without any battery, or just want to go and do some work where there are other people to compare notes with? Here’s how to find a computer on campus.
  • Find out how our printing system works. Obviously you should think twice about the environment and whether or not you really need print that document out, but we’ve made the cheapest, most environmentally-friendly option the default if you absolutely need to.
  • Time flies, and October is cyber security month, so it’s worth making sure your passwords aren’t completely rubbish and brush up on other security tips.
An illustration with Faclo waving at a person who holds their phone. The graphic says ‘Trouble connecting to WiFi? Chat to Falco’ The text at the bottom of the illustration says: ‘Falcon is on hand at it.leeds.ac.uk’
Falco is on hand — 24/7. The new IT Services chatbot, Falco, is available to help you with your IT questions.



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