Esther Simpson. Image courtesy of University of Leeds Library Special Collections.

This month marks 25 years since the passing of Esther Simpson – a University of Leeds alumna who spent much of her life helping scholars flee totalitarian regimes.

Esther played a leading role in helping some 1,500 academics flee Nazi Germany and, among the refuge seekers she helped through her…

By 2050, one in four people in the UK will be 65 and over — an increase from one in five in 2019. This is due to declining fertility rates and people living longer. With fewer births and later deaths, the overall age structure has become gradually older.

This shift…

University study needs a lot of new skills — however there’s lots of help at hand. Have you heard about some free online training to help you feel prepared to study and more confident in all areas of learning?

Hello! I’m Katie, a third year BA English Literature student from…

An illustration of people walking along a pavement in a city.

We are in the process of identifying the values that will guide our behaviours and decision-making at the University of Leeds. Those values will guide our actions in relation to community, culture, and impact. It is necessary for us to work in partnership and collaboration to create a better world.

A nurse puts a plaster on the finger of an elderly patient who is lying down in a hospital bed.

I first heard about coronavirus emerging in China in late January 2020. I spent hours watching footage from Wuhan in disbelief. Would this virus make its way across the continents and disrupt life here in the same way it was doing in China? The experts said no (initially), my boss…

Two people weeding around maize crops by hand

How can a country in sub-Saharan Africa make sure its agriculture adapts to climate change, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and still increases production in a way that improves the diet and nutrition of its population?

Answering such a complex question is no simple matter — but a four-year, £9m, international…

I personally wish I could outsource my exercise but the thought of getting strong enough to pummel my younger brother (yes, he’s freakishly strong) into submission keeps me going. Although life at university is rather hectic, there are ways you can keep fit without your wallet taking a hit.


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