An international research programme is predicting real-life scenarios to help policymakers futureproof agriculture.

Two people weeding around maize crops by hand

Research in African wetlands is revealing crucial data that could help save lives — and it all starts with the humble puddle.

Mosquitoes carrying malaria continue to pose a significant risk to human life.

When Kate left school she wasn’t interested in university, she wanted to travel. But after witnessing environmental issues in the places she visited, she was inspired to return to education.

Kate Hillier stood with a backpack on, stood on the edge of a rainforest, looking at mountains covered in trees with clouds across the peaks

Could farmed insects be a good source of protein for smallholder farmers in Africa, as well as making diets more varied and nutritious?

Mealworm and locust on a wooden spoon.
Is it time to start farming mealworms and locusts for the dinner table?

A student stands in front of a mural at Leeds’ Belgrave Music Hall.
The mural outside the Belgrave is the perfect spot for a quick Insta update.

A group of students wrapped up in winter clothes stand chatting outside Devonshire Hall.
Weather in Yorkshire can be unpredictable so make sure you’re prepared.

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