7 things to do if you’re spending Christmas alone

University of Leeds
3 min readDec 15, 2022


Whether it’s by choice or because of the circumstances, it can still be an enjoyable day!

We’re bombarded with ideas of perfect happy families for Christmas, so being alone during the Holiday season can be difficult. You can feel lonely and unmotivated to do anything special, but remember you’re not the only person in this situation. Below you’ll find a few ideas to help you transform solo holidays into a beautiful experience (or at least a little bit less lonely one).

1. Volunteer

Why not give back this Christmas and donate some of your time to help others? It’s also a great activity if you don’t want to be alone. Many charities organise Christmas dinners for those in need and are looking for people of all backgrounds to help. If you’re staying in Leeds, you can get involved in The Leeds Care Leavers Christmas Dinner and many others.

2. Self-care day

After the busy end of the semester and in the midst of preparing for exams, speeding Christmas alone can be a great opportunity to take it slow and indulge in some self-care however it looks for you. Reading a book, taking a long bath, walking, sleeping in — it’s all welcome!

3. Make yourself your favourite Christmas meal

Food is an important part of Christmas for almost all of us. The types of food we grew up eating often bring a sense of comfort, too. Preparing yourself a Christmas meal for one could be a great way to boost your mood and feel festive.

4. Avoid using social media

Social media can connect us with our friends and family, but they also can bring unrealistic expectations and make us fall into a comparison trap. It may be tempting to turn to scrolling when you have more free time, or you’re bored, but if looking at pics of perfect Christmas dinners and happy families makes you feel like Grinch, it’s better to put your phone down.

5. Keep up your holiday traditions or invent new ones

Keeping up the holiday traditions from your home or country can help you feel more festive and connected with people back home. If you don’t want to do that for any reason, you could start your own traditions — volunteering would be a great one, but there are so many things you could do that make you happy!

6. Go outside

Going for a long walk, especially if you’re able to walk in nature, is very beneficial for your mood and mental health. Exercise and changing your environment will certainly shift your focus to more positive things and help cure some of that Holiday blues.

7. You don’t have to celebrate

There’s no shame in treating Christmas day like any other day if it’s easier for you than trying to celebrate alone.

We wish you a wonderful day, however you choose to spend it.