5 top tips for winning at social media at university

University of Leeds
3 min readOct 25, 2023

In today’s digital age, social media has become a massive part of our lives but sometimes, keeping healthy habits on social media can be challenging.

Having been a student at The University of Leeds for two years and now working as an intern in the University’s Digital Communications team, I am here to tell you about my personal tips on how to positively stay in control of your social media as a student.

Girl staring into her phone

1. Social Media can be excellent for connecting

University can be overwhelming. Reaching out to other students via social media platforms can help to build bonds and establish new friendships. Knowing that there are other like-minded individuals just one message away can make the transition to university a bit less daunting. Making group chats with other students based on interests, accommodation and societies can be super helpful to make connections with other students.

2. Don’t fall into the comparison trap!

Last year, I experienced some bad health issues and went through countless tests and doctors’ appointments. Whilst I was going through a really hard time in my life, my social media was filled with pictures of me at parties, looking like I was having the best time ever. We are all guilty of comparing our lives to others, especially when we are dealing with personal struggles, but it is important to remember that social media is not always an accurate representation of reality.

3. Think twice before hitting that post button

My best advice is to always consider whether your future self is going to thank you for what you post. Whilst it may seem funny at the time to post a picture of you doing something crazy and inappropriate, this can have consequences down the line and affect your chances with employers. It is a good idea to keep your personal accounts on private and always consider whether what you are posting is acceptable.

4. Be mindful about how much time you are spending on social media

This is something that I have particularly struggled with. One minute I find myself working hard on my essay and the next, I realise that I have been scrolling on TikTok for two hours. Balancing your time effectively is a skill that takes practice, but it is important to determine your priorities. Something that has really helped me is setting time limits on my social media and minimizing my screen time. Not only am I way more productive but also a lot happier when I am on my phone less.

5. Remove negative triggers

Your mental health should always be your main priority. If you are seeing content on social media that is not making you feel good and causing you to compare yourself, remove it. You will not lose out on anything other than feeling more positive and happier in yourself.

If you are a student who is struggling with managing the pressures of everyday life, we recommend reaching out to LUU help and support: https://www.luu.org.uk/help-support/

Additionally, please consider checking out our groups and workshops which deal with common stresses, spending time in the moment and other helpful support themes: https://students.leeds.ac.uk/info/1000097/groups-and-workshops/1693/wellbeing-workshops