3 reasons why you should join the International Welcome Team

University of Leeds
4 min readMar 16, 2023


Looking for a job that offers a chance to make a difference and that you can easily adapt to your schedule? Look no further! Nadia Newman, a previous employee of the International Welcome Team, will share with you three reasons why you should consider joining the International Welcome Team.

I’m Nadia, I am in the final year of my undergraduate degree, studying English Language and Literature, and I have been working as a part of the International Welcome Team since this past September. The team oversees arrivals of international students in the summer and in September. I had an opportunity to welcome international students to the UK and make their transition to university life as smooth and enjoyable as possible. From picking students up at Manchester and Leeds Bradford airports to running social events and providing support through the year, the International Welcome Team is the perfect way to get involved and make a real impact.

Nadia Newman

1. The work is interesting and rewarding

Working for the international welcome team is great. As a member of the Welcome Team, I have had the chance to be a part of students’ first impressions of Leeds and the university life. I helped them feel welcomed and supported as they begin the new chapter in their lives.

2. Flexible shifts that fit into your studies

There shifts start during the summer but the majority of work takes place in September and October, which worked out perfectly for me. As a final year student my semesters have been really busy, so being able to work so much at the start of the Semester was really helpful. That’s why working with the International Welcome Team is such a great option — with flexible shifts that fit into your schedule you can balance work and study in a way that’s best for you. And with majority of work taking place at the start of the academic year you can get a lot of hours at the beginning of the semester when things tend to be less hectic. The job also includes different roles so if you prefer one or don’t like one you can apply for shifts accordingly.

In September, there were lots of shifts available for picking up students who arrived at the Manchester airport. These shifts were my favourite because they were exciting and the students were grateful for the help offered after a long journey. Some even gave me small gifts as a thank you. Once we arrived in Leeds, I helped students arrange transport to their accommodations or walked them there if it was close enough.

Other shifts included arrival support, where I helped pack bags and food boxes for students. These shifts required more manual work, so I would listen to music or podcast while working. Another opportunity was to be a Buddy as part of the Buddy Scheme that helps students make friends. During the International Welcome Week, there was also a Welcome Lounge where I was mostly chatting with students and encouraging them to make to make friends. Similarly, there were opportunities to work at Global Café which is an event that runs every Monday throughout the year, so I was still able to work within the semester.

3. The work looks great on your CV

Working with the International Welcome Team was absolutely amazing! The team is filled with lovely people and the training they provided was so helpful in getting to know each other. We even had an Otley when we got dressed up as in Manchester airport-themed costumes!

Being a part of the international community at Leeds was a truly rewarding experience, especially after having just returned from a year abroad in Berlin. It gave me a sense of connection with people from around the world and I really enjoyed being involved in all the exciting events happening on campus.

Plus, the skills I gained from this role are truly invaluable — from developing my interpersonal and communication skills to working in a fast-paced environment, the job had it all! And with so many roles available, there was never a dull moment. Trust me, having these transferable skills on you CV will make you stand out to potential employers.