10 Instagrammable spots in Leeds

A student stands in front of a mural at Leeds’ Belgrave Music Hall.
The mural outside the Belgrave is the perfect spot for a quick Insta update.
A neon sign at Headrow House reads ‘I feel love’.
The neon signs at Headrow House make for a great photo opportunity.
A plate of loaded fries at the Belgrave Music Hall.
Even the chips at Belgrave are Insta-worthy…
A close up internal shot of Kirkstall Abbey.
You can get some really stunning shots at Kirkstall Abbey.
People sit outside the Waterlane Boathouse at night with fairylights reflected in the water.
Waterland Boathouse looks magical at night.
A student on a night out poses in a tunnel lit by coloured lights.
The lighting in Leeds’ Dark Arches make for a great photoshoot spot.
Clarence Dock lit up at night, with boats on the water in the foreground.
Clarence Dock looks beautiful lit up at night.
A set of stone stairs lead up through the forest on Otley Chevin.
Otley Chevin will add some much-needed greenery to your feed.
Two students on a night out pose for the camera on the top of a multi-storey building with brightly lit buildings in the background.
The top of the Arena car park offer some great views at night.
A girl poses holding a golf ball lit by neon lights at Junkyard Golf.
Neon and blacklights mean you’ll get some cool shots at Junkyard Golf.



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